One of my proudest achievements as an educator and manager has been the ability to build relationships among co-workers and outside parties to achieve strategic goals to better assist the customers I have served. Below are a couple of certificates of recognition I received for the work I have performed for both my employers and to the service of the community I have been a member of.



Since my introduction to the Macintosh operating system while enrolled in a Computer Science class at NC State University, I have always been fond of the platform and its capabilities. However, the primary reason I chose to pursue the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification over others was due to its assessment of UNIX, Linux and Windows-specific knowledge among the requisite knowledge required of Mac OS X Client and Mac OS X Server operating systems. The ACTC certification assesses the users familiarity with Windows-specific network protocols and file / print sharing, as well as UNIX-specific command line operation and file / print sharing configuration. This provided a challenging assessment of my ability to successfully install and configure multiple operating systems and have them co-exist as equals within a networked environment.